Mount Gilead Baptist Church
Thursday, October 27, 2016
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Join us on Oct. 22from 4:00-8:00 PM for our
Fall Festival : Food, Fun, and Fellowship
Also coming up:    
Oct. 31 at 6:00 PM for Trunk of Treats
 How are you going to spend Sunday? 

Come Grow with us in Sunday School and Church!


Wednesday Evening Bible Study

Dinner:6:00 PM   Bible Study 6:30 PM

All Ages welcome and encouraged !
We are not called to be like other Christians, we are called to be like CHRIST.


SUNDAY:                            Bible Study for all ages                                         9:45 am

                                           Worship                                                             11:00 am

Wednesday:                      Family night Supper                                                6:00 pm

                                           Children, Youth and Adult Programs                        6:30 pm

Every 2nd Thursday of each month: Payne/Bowles Women Grp.                      1:00 pm

Youth Events - check out the web page or facebook for info



 Today an essential part of our ministries is Wednesday evening Bible Study and family dinner (WEBS). We Offer classes for all ages. Bible Study and Prayer time for Adults,
Special Bible Studies for
Jr. Youth (Grades 6-8) and Senior Youth (Grades 9-12).
WEBS is on going during school months.