Mount Gilead Baptist Church
Friday, September 24, 2021

From the Pastor

Rev. Benjamin Boyd and Mary Beth Boyd
     It is a privilege to be the pastor of Mount Gilead Baptist Church. I have found the church to be a warm, caring group of people who are doing their best to be faithful followers of Jesus.
     The work of the ministry primarily involves three different aspects: our relationship with God, our relationship with fellow believers, and our relationship with non-believers.  In all of these relationships God is the primary mover, and it is only through Christ that we can have success in any relationship.  The relationship between God and each individual is of utmost importance, and is the reason that we were created and why Christ came into the world.  Each person is on a journey in life and whoever puts their faith in Christ is able to develop a relationship with him and be transformed into a new creation.  In our walk we Christ we are designed to pray to him, worship him, and bring him glory.  Yet we were never meant to go on our journey with Christ alone, which is where the other two aspects of relationship come into play.  We are meant to live in community with other believers, encouraging and strengthening each other, as well as keeping each other accountable.  As a community we are also called to engage with the world.  We are called to show the world the love of God and the gospel to the ends of the earth, showing mercy and justice.  We are also called to be fruitful in life, to fill the earth and subdue it.  These three aspects are what the Church is called to do.      
     God has called all of his followers to be actively involved with his ministry in their lives.  The role of a pastor is not to do the work of the ministry, but to help equip the congregation for the work of the ministry.  God has made all the members of his body different and has equipped each person with the ability to do what he has called them to do.  The pastor should not set his agenda for a church, but should seek to reveal God’s plan for the church to the people.  For example, when preaching a pastor should not look at a passage and say “what do I think this means?”  But instead ask, “what does God want to say to this church through this passage?”  The pastor is representing God and when he speaks from God he is not speaking from his own authority.  A pastor cannot bring about any change in people, only God can do that.  By listening to God a pastor can help people hear from God as well.  A pastor has the unique opportunity to walk with a local congregation through the ups and downs of life, all the while pointing to the one who can help people whatever they are going through.
     I look forward to getting to know everyone better and helping everyone in the church and in our community look towards how to follow Christ with everything we have.
In Christ,
Benjamin Boyd